Drift boat anchors can be extremely useful for fishermen. You can set the anchor down upstream and let the current or wind drag you right down to your fishing spot without spooking the fish! Depending on what river you fish in you may want to use a different type of anchor.

If you fish in a river which has a sandy bottom or gravel then a pyramid works quite well. A Pyramid anchor typically is made of lead and is heavy which just lets the boat drift very slowly right over the prime fishing spot! The best part about this drift anchor is it is quiet and doesn’t spook the fish! The pyramid is not the best for not spooking fish however.

The best drift anchor for not spooking fish is widely debated but is narrowed down and mostly thought of to be the chain anchor. The chain anchor is very heavy but typically holds well on any river floor. This design also tends to be quiet when drifting and if you fish in the winter it tends to not become as cold and wet as a rope would which helps when pulling it in.

As for rocky terrain bottoms, the Hyde spyke anchor tends to be on of the favorites among fishermen. Typically the spyke drags and has a very good hold on the rocky bottom. This puts your boat at a slow drift and a calm day of fishing!