There are many types of boat anchors and with the technological advancements that the world is experiencing, many other new and better designs are being released.  It can be hard to choose the right anchor to enjoy the best boating experience.

Choosing your anchor correctly can mean the difference between a good nights sleep and a disaster. Don’t overlook this crucial piece of safety equipment on your vessel.  Browse around our site using the menu above to learn about the best boat anchors for your style of boating.

There’s no one anchor that’s best for all conditions, so select the type for the lake or ocean floor you most often encounter.  Having more than one type of anchor on your boat can be the best choice for you.  Don’t settle for the least expensive anchor, rope, or attachment hardware, as this is one piece of boating equipment you don’t want to lose.

To get you started some of the most common types of anchors are:


Claw/Bruce – Has three claws which is useful for settling and is normally held upright by the claws

Delta – Has a once piece design which gives the highest holding rate per pound compared to these other examples

CQR/Plow – Has a hinge design making it hard for it to unset itself

Fluke/Danforth – Performs best in mud or sand