When it comes down to the best anchor winch, many believe it to be the drum style winch. Many winches are made of stainless steel and are anti-corrosive. These winches provide a long time of usage if you protect and use them the way they were meant to be used.

There are many ways to protect and prolong the lifetime of your winch. When you are buying your winch, make sure you get the right size winch for your boat. Many winches come in sizes small, medium, and large. Make sure to follow the winch makers instructions based on the winch you may buy.

When lowering the anchor using the winch, make sure to keep an eye on the rope. When the rope begins to look like it is giving out slack, stop lowering the winch and put the boat slowly in reverse until you have set the winch into the sea or lake floor. When bringing the anchor back in, let the winch pull the anchor up until you have reached the chain. When you reach the chain slowly have the winch pull up the anchor being careful not to pull the anchor up too fast as it may hit the boat.

If you take these steps into consideration and you maintain and use your winch carefully, your winch should have lifelong results and be very useful to you.