Many anchors work well in sand but only a few reign king for this type of anchor. The main problem with the anchors used for sand is that they normally only work well on sandy bottoms or in mud. If you plan on boating in a different area with a different bottom these anchors may not catch and settle on the sea or lake floor.Keep this in mind if you plan to purchase a sand bottom anchor as you may run into problems with this later!

Many anchors work well in the sand however the top recommended anchor for sandy bottoms is the Fortress anchor. The fortress, otherwise known as the danforth or fluke anchor, has a precise angle in which it digs into the sand. After several tests with the fortress it had proven to be a powerful anchor. It sets quickly in the sand and had proven to hold 5,000 pounds of force without really budging. This is a powerful anchor which works fantastically in mud and sand.

Not only is this anchor powerful and strong but it is also light weight and easy to store. Most fortress anchors can be dismantled and stored easily. Also most fortress anchors weigh around 40 to 60 pounds. This design clearly proves itself to be one of the best anchors for sand bottoms.