Black Coated River Anchor is especially designed for river and mud bottom lakes. Great for pontoon and bass boats. Available in heavy no-mar resistant plastisol. This anchor is 20 lbs in weight and is capable of supporting 30 lbs.30 LB...

$65.16 as at 10:08 UTC. (Details)

The River Anchor has bottom penetration for rivers compared to other anchors due to the combination of the mushroom and fluke anchor. Designed for rivers and mud bottom lakes. Great for pontoon and bass boats. Can also be used in drift boats. Cast...

$28.87 as at 22:04 UTC. (Details)

Tri-fluke design, cast iron recommended in soft/moderate conditions and for medium duty. The tri-fluke design of the river anchor allows flukes to penetrate in soft and moderate conditions or, to engage rocks and structure in rivers and current. The...

$60.65 as at 19:22 UTC. (Details)

Richter Anchor features the Richter design that is suitable for use in all weather and bottom conditions.This anchor is typically used on a river bottom. It is additionally coated black that protects the anchor. Its performance in rocks, mud, weeds...

$89.23 as at 19:22 UTC. (Details)

Black vinyl coated anchors. Will catch and hold to rough bottom. Penetrates better than regular mushroom anchors due to the fluke and mushroom anchor combination. SeaChoice 41530,...

$54.99 as at 19:22 UTC. (Details)