Finding the proper lake anchor can be difficult. Sometimes it is not about the anchor and it has to deal with the amount of chain or rope you are using.

The proper amount of chain that should be used is roughly half of the length of your boat. The length of chain does a lot of helpful things but mainly it helps your anchor stay set and not become disturbed by every wave. This secures your anchor and keeps it in a tight grip in the sea or lake floor. As the boat is moved by each wave instead of the anchor being stressed and disturbed by these movements the chain moves to compensate for the wave movement.

As for the anchor, the most recommended anchor for all around lake usage is the danforth. However a lot of anchors will do the job on the lake. The danforth is a lot more bulky and will take up more room than some other smaller navy, lightweight anchors. However the danforth has a lot more stress compensation considering it digs deeper than most lightweight anchors. Depending on how long you are anchoring may also affect what anchor you should be using. The smaller anchors could be for a quick anchor such as a swim or to eat lunch but a danforth or a bigger fortress anchor is suggested for overnight trips and long anchor periods.