Best Knot Anchors

Knots have many purposes. Did you know that there are specific knots just for anchors? Many knots have proven useful for an anchor but which knot is the perfect one? Well the perfect knot would have to be the anchor bend.

The anchor bend proves itself to be the best knot to attach an anchor to a rope. The Anchor bend or commonly referred to as the anchor hitch or fisherman’s bend is very similar to the round turn and two half hitches. These two knots are so similar it is often said that these knots are equally as good to use on an anchor. This is mostly said because when tying the anchor bend to an anchor many people would add the two half hitches which is not how the knot is originally made. However both versions of this knot are perfectly fine to use and will work in the same way.

There are ways to improve this knot and to create additional security for your anchor. You may add extra knots to the base rope with the excess slack. This by far is the best knot to use on an anchor and will outlast and overcome typical overhand knots on an anchor even when wet.