Many anchors work well for mud bottoms. Finding the best anchor for a mud bottom is difficult as there is no specific anchor which proves to be the best. many anchors have pros and cons for a mud bottom.

Many anchors like the Danforth Hi Tensile settle fast and stick well and can withstand a lot of force however this specific anchor is expensive and also needs a lot of chain. For this specific anchor to set itself in the mud bottom it needs a lot of chain and a bit of maneuvering. However this anchor is one of the top recommended anchors for mud bottoms.

Compared to the Danforth, the common claw anchor is a bit cheaper and also is said to settle faster. The claw also can be used on various bottoms other than mud. However this claw anchor cannot hold up to the same force as the Danforth and is a lot smaller.

The hydrobubble anchor also may be useful as it is much like a drop and forget anchor. However this anchor does not hold much force compared to the danforth or the claw. This anchor does settle quickly and with the buoyancy from the air pocket helps to keep the fluke at the perfect angle.